G R A D I N G   G U I D E

Please not that all dice will have imperfections. These dice are hand made and finished so are not without flaws. Any significant issues will be disclosed in the descriptions. Please consider this seriously before purchasing.

Pour issues include internal or surface bubbles (the latter resulting in pinmarks), minor edge warping or concaving, inclusion bulges, and void patchups. Imperfections include mold, tool, and finishing marks such as light scratches, striations, slight dull spots, and slight edge rounding.

AA Extraordinary

Near flawless pour and without significant imperfections. Exceptional design carried through in all dice. A one of a kind set and very hard to reproduce.


Very minor pour issues and imperfections in some dice. Great design carried through in most dice and an exemplar of its style / category.


Minor pour issues and imperfections in most dice. Good design overall.


General pour issues and imperfections, and/or a few significant issues or imperfections. Good design in most dice.